Melody Bumps


In a Melody Bumps class the focus is on fun; children enjoy singing, clapping, marching, and exploring various props and instruments through musical games.  We try to use the natural inclination for movement in small children to create more exciting, and more deeply understood, ways of making music together.


In younger classes, particularly before the child has started walking, parents are very involved in the session.  Participation from Mum or Dad, or whoever is acting as carer, is required.  It's part of the fun and not at all scary!


We use many different songs from all over the world, but our core repertoire comes from the Singing Rascals (Colourstrings) books. These beautifully illustrated books are great for providing a visual story and the songs have been selected to develop musicality, inner hearing and an in-built sense of pulse and pitch.





Colourstrings is an internationally respected method of teaching music to very young children, and was the first to offer such high-quality early years education in the UK.  It is an entirely child-centred approach, encouraging each child to reach their musical potential through play and imagination, fun and creativity.  Colourstrings has been a core part of state music education in Finland for more than 30 years, where Geza Svilvay extended the philosophy of visionary Hungarian educator Kodály - that music education starts with singing to develop inner hearing.


Colourstrings International requires that its teachers undergo training and examination, as well as fairly extensive coursework in order to become certified teachers.  Melody Bumps is led by Rosie, who is currently completing the final stages of this course.


There is lots and lots of detailed information about Colourstrings and Kodály available on the web. If you would like to find out more, here are a few of useful links below.





Melody Bumps classes last from 35-45 minutes depending on age, and are £5 per session.  A block session of 5 weeks costs £20.  If you would like to attend the class, but would struggle to meet the cost, then contact either ourselves or the Glad Foundation, as dependent upon circumstance some help may be provided.


There is no obligation to purchase a Singing Rascals book if attending a class, though they are helpful things to have.  There are three Singing Rascals books PENTATONIC, LA, and DO, each £7.  These songs are returned to throughout the entire Colourstrings Kindergarten system and will last from birth to beginning to learn an instrument.